Data Communications Concepts & Networking

3 Days

DESCRIPTION: This course is packed with information explaining the concepts and terminology of data communications. Presented in a clear and non-technical manner, it provides a combination of lecture, demonstrations, and practical exercises that will give the student a comprehensive overview of modern Data Communications.

PREREQUISITES: Some knowledge of data processing concepts and terminology.

INSTRUCTION TECHNIQUES: A combination of Lecture, Exercises, and Labs (when/where available).


Application Users, Technicians, Programmers, Analysts, and Managers that need to gain a better understanding of data communications concepts, terminology, and networking.
  • Data Communications Terminology
    • Introduction
    • Entities
    • Protocols
    • Data Terminal Equipment
  • Physical Connections
    • Introduction
    • Circuit concepts and terminology
    • Interconnecting DTEs
    • Standards
    • RS-232-C
    • Other Interconnection Standards
    • Tools for testing
  • Components of a Network
  • Introduction to Protocols
  • File Transfer Protocols
  • Introduction to Local Area Networks (LAN)
    • Network types
    • Examples
  • Internetwork Communications
    • Layered Architectures

  • Distributed Data Processing
  • Introduction to Architectures, Standards, and Models
  • Basics of IBM SNA, DEC DNA, and other architectures
  • Introduction to TCP/IP
    • What is it?
    • Where did it come from?
    • Internet
    • Internet facilities and access
    • TCP/IP Suite Service
  • Repeaters, Bridges, Routers
  • ISDN and ATM overview
  • Current Communications Issues, developments, and direction

"Overall, the 11-week program was excellent. Jeff, Katie and Robert should be proud of their work; they took 11 individuals with little or no programming skills and made them productive. I feel as comfortable as I think I could going into my new career with all the knowledge I've gained from this program. Thank you for your sincere dedication to give us your all!"

Amanda Tate
Zurich Personal Insurance

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